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Welcome to Digital Intimacies 6

Welcome to Digital Intimacies 6!

There are 4 streams in the program this year, ensuring that people outside of Sydney have many opportunities to attend and participate.


Firstly, we have the Pre-Intimacies Program from Nov 27 – Dec 3. Three fantastic experimental sessions will lead us into the symposium through interactive and exploratory research.


From Dec 7-9, presentation panels will be hosted from UTS and will be live-streamed via Twitter for everyone to enjoy. If you haven’t yet followed us on Twitter, check us out here: @digitalintimacies6

Digital Papers

Throughout the course of the symposium, you can also view a series of pre-recorded presentations from academics all over the world, hosted here on our DI6 website.


From Dec 9-15, we have the Post-Intimacies Program, with another three brilliant experimental sessions to finish off the symposium.

Hosted by the Digital & Social Media department, School of Communication, UTS
Paul Byron, Suneel Jethani, Amelia Johns, Natalie Krikowa


Twitter: @digitintimacies / #digint20

See last year’s program here