Digital Program

Zoom’s Hottest New Queer Club. A Case Study of Club Quarantine

Presented by: Anne-Marie Trépanier and Stefanie Duguay

Adapting methodologically to COVID-19: The combination of visual and verbal data for grasping changes in visual intimacy practices

Presented by: Federico Lucchesi, Seraina Tarnutzer and Katharina Lobinger

Pandemic Intimacies: how gay and bisexual men are using their smartphones to negotiate their cultures of intimacy

Presented by: Jamie Hakim and James Cummings

(Re)framing black victimhood: Movement visuals of #BlackLivesMatter on TikTok

Presented by: Moa Eriksson Krutrök

Digital Cruising with Virtual Reality: “Looking” in an Immersive World

Presented by: Steven Wang and Haoran Chang

Do We Need a New and Parallel Definition for The Digital Diaspora?

Presented by: Elyse Howe

In Our Rooms: An Anthropologist’s Reflections on Space, Intimacy, and Video Calls with Interlocutors

Presented by: Kimberly Hassel

Learning to Ugly-Cry Over Zoom

Presented by: Andi Schwartz, Morgan Bimm, and Sarah Redikopp

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